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Team / Coach Requests
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Subject: Team / Coach Requests
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While there are no guarantees that we can fulfill on all requests, please let us know if you have specific requests along the lines of:

a) I am the parent of 2 kids who are about the same age -- can I get them on the same team?
b) Our next door neighbor is playing at Huguenot and our kids are best friends -- can we get them on the same team?
c) We really liked Coach XX when our child played with him last year -- can we get him on the same team with that Coach

Both Traditional Tee Ball and Coach Pitch Baseball are mainly about having fun and increasing the development of the children. We do not keep score in this age division. Therefore, we will try and fulfill on as many requests as possible. As your child advances in age and moves up in divisions, these requests may be harder to fulfill upon due to a desire to make sure the teams have an equal level of talent once the score starts being kept.
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