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Parent Expectations
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Subject: Parent Expectations
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Some common expectations are as follows:

- At least one family member should attend all practices and games
- Be aware and empathetic to any of your child's fears on the field and help them to overcome them (ie no yelling at the children on the field)
- Reinforce what is being taught in practices by playing with your child between games/practices to build confidence and teach muscle memory
- Try and watch at least a couple of innings of major league baseball with your child each month (or each week if you can)
- If your child is having challenges on the field (kicking dirt, throwing gloves), we will do our best to address the situation, but may send him over to you to take a break or ask that you come out on the field to join him/her until they settle down
- No arguing of calls during the game. As coaches we do our best to make the appropriate call, but will typically err in favor of the runner being safe or a foul ball being fair especially if it is hit well and/or hit by a child who normally doesn't make good contact
- Always display good sportsmanship as we will have the kids shake hands at the end of each game with the other team. As coaches you will typically see all of us high fiving and congratulating kids on both teams as if we were one team
- If you see something that you think could be done differently/better, it is encouraged that you let us know or else we won't know to make a change. Please use your best judgment on taking us aside at the end of the practice, sending an email, or giving us a call. While we may not implement every suggestion, we appreciate the passion you have in your child and it is always best to communicate any thoughts you may have
- And, most importantly, help us to make this fun for your child. If they enjoy the practices and the games then they will want to keep playing. The more they play, the better they will get, which will let them have more fun and create a positive cycle. They are naturally going to learn just being involved in the game, so please just focus as much as you can in making them smile and having them look forward to baseball as it is just a game (albeit one of the best games in the world). This is many childrens first and last experience playing baseball and I really want them to look back and remember it fondly.
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