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Traditional Tee Ball Drills / Practice
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Subject: Traditional Tee Ball Drills / Practice
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Beginner Drills for Parents to do with kids prior to the Season (mainly for 4 year olds or for children who have never played the game):

- Have children "stand on their skateboard" with feet shoulder width apart with their throwing arm at the back of the skateboard
- Throwing motion should be circular "from thigh to the sky" with follow through diagonally across the body
- Make sure elbow is bent on the circular motion

- Have child toss the ball up in the air to themselves and then increase in height as they get comfortable
- Practice using the alligator method to "snap" the ball as it is tossed to them; focus on using two hands when catching
- Lob tennis balls underhand and get the kids practicing catching without the glove as this is essential to understanding the benefits of using two hands
- Set up cones/object about 6 feet apart and roll balls towards them (with and without the glove) and have them practice being the goalie to stop the ball
- Make sure legs are shoulder width apart and glove is in the middle of their legs

- Lob plastic balls underhand and have them use a big plastic bat to whack the ball as it builds confidence and gets them focused on swinging the right way
- Batting stance should involve hands away from the chest, front elbow in the middle of the chest, back elbow should be up, and bat should be diagonally across back shoulder
- Put a big black magic marker dot on the ball and place it on the tee; get the child used to keeping his eye on the dot and swinging through the ball so that the bat comes across the opposite shoulder
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