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Little League Rules:
Appointments of Managers, Coaches, Umpires, and Other Volunteers

  1. The first step in a person becoming a manager, coach or umpire should be for the local league to form committees to seek and screen those willing to serve. Those willing to serve must fill out the online Volunteer Application Form, and must successfully pass a background check.
  2. The next step is for the president to appoint managers, coaches and umpires at his/her discretion. Exception: Coaches new to a particular team can not be named until after the draft.
  3. The final step in the appointment process is for the board of directors to approve or disapprove that appointment.
  4. No person can manage, coach or umpire without the president appointing that person to that position, and the board approving that appointment.
  5. ALL managerial, coaching and umpiring positions are annual. As such, a president and/or board of directors does not need to give a reason to a person if that person is not re-appointed or re-approved as a manager, coach or umpire for the coming season. IMPORTANT: No manager, coach or umpire has any tenure whatsoever, regardless of the years of service.

Manager and Coach Checklist

(complete and submit these items each season)
1. Complete Volunteer Registration
2. Provide photocopy of Athletic Volunteer Eligibility Card* (See note below)
3. Provide photocopy of Drivers License
4. Must have Division VP and Board Approval
(No manager or coach has any tenure whatsoever, regardless of the years of service, see info at right)
5. Managers must attend MANAGERS ONLY meeting in Spring season

* Individuals associated with youth programs are required to have a background check before working with children.  It is your responsibility to supply an Athletic Volunteer Eligibility Card.  Click here for the Chesterfield County website listing the policy, instructions, dates, and locations for fingerprinting.      



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