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Pitch Count Rules

Little League Baseball has established strict rules regarding the number of pitches a player can throw in a game as well as the amount of rest that must observed.  It is extremely important to follow these rules to protect the health of our players.  Use good judgement with your pitchers.

If they look tired or are complaining of arm soreness, reduce their pitching load and/or give them more rest than the mandated time

If it's early in the season and their arms are not stretched out yet, or the have never pitched before, reduce their pitching load and/or give them more rest than the mandated time. 

The pitch limits and rest requirements assume your players only play on your Little League tram.  You will have players that play on other teams, whether that is travel, high school, or in another league.  Talk to their other coaches and talk to their parents to understand if they are pitching outside Little League and how much.  If they are, reduce their pitching load and/or give them more rest than the mandated time

As a coach, your first responsibility is to protect your players and guard against overuse injuries, NOT win games.  It is never worth sacrificing the health of a player in order to win a Little League game.

Complete detail on pitching rules can be found on Little League's website, including guidelines on pitching and catching in the same game.  A summary of the pitch count limits can be found here.

Pitch Count Reporting

Managers are required to report pitch counts for every player that pitched, after each game.  This should be done by the home team when they report scores.  When a game ends, both managers should get together to sign off on pitch counts for their players so they can be accurately reported.

To record pitch counts (and scores):
1) Go to your team home page
2) Click on the Calendar tab
3) Click on Results
4) Enter scores and pitch count information
5) Click on Save

To View Pitch Count Reports for Teams in Your Division:

1) Go to your team home page
2) Click on the Calendar tab
3) Click on Pitch Count
4) Select the Team Name
5) Select the date range for games you would like to see
6) Click View Report
7) You can filter the report on any field by clicking on funnel, selecting a filter criteria, entering the filter text in the box, and hitting enter

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